the yacc file for yaccviso itself rendered via yaccviso/dot

What is it?

Yaccviso visualizes yacc and bison grammars. It will generate a .dot or .vcg file that you can play around with in graphviz (from AT&T research labs fame) or VCG. The graphics above shows a very simple version of the very same yacc grammar which was used to write Yaccviso.


Because it helps you when you have a large grammar file. Yaccviso will show you the dependencies between the grammar's left hand side (LHS) and its corresponding RHS non terminals and terminal symbols. It just helps to visualize! This is especially true when you have to keep in mind the first- and follow-sets. I once got a very nice mail from somebody from China. They were using yaccviso to understand the grammar of some reverse-engineered macro assembler ;-)

Future enhancements

Add tulip support. Seems like a nice library.

aaron kaplan @ 2005-01-29. Mail: aaron@lo-res.org